6 Dec 1945, Chronology of Events Related to Stanley Civilian Internment Camp

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Flour had been brought to Hong Kong by the relief force, but when it came to using it to bake, there were huge problems. The main pre-war bakery -  Lane, Crawford's in Stubbs Rd - had been used during the occupation to salt fish, and make rattan baskets and military buttons. Thomas Edgar, who  resumed his wartime role as supervisor of bakeries, has been working with crew from the repair ship H.M.S. Resource to return it to bread production. But today's China Mail (page 2) suggests that the colony's baking capacity was nowhere near at the required level: it notes complaints that you can't get bread at the price set by the government and, when you can, the colour has changed from brown to white. One man queued four days in a row and still left empty-handed. But, as during the war, the black market was helping out - at $2 a loaf.


Today's paper also carries a letter complaining about the poor treatment of former internees now in the UK - this is a continuing theme.



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