John O'SULLIVAN (aka Jack / Jackie) [c.1915-1953] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

John O'SULLIVAN (aka Jack / Jackie) [c.1915-1953]

Alias / nickname: 
Jack / Jackie
c.1915-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)


John 'Jack' or 'Jackie' O'Sullivan died on June  7, 1953 aged 88. He was the son of Mary and Thomas O'Sullivan. He was educated at St Joseph's where he was an outstanding athlete.  During the occupation he remained un-interned as Irish and worked for the Dairy Farm. After the war he emigrated to California and started his own business.

Hi Brian, looks like there is a mistake in the age above, as you've said his mother was still alive at the time Jack died. Please can you let us know the source for this information about the family?

Thanks, David. I was in rather a hurry yesterday! It does look like '88' but I think it must be '38'.

The brief obituary is from the South China Morning Post, June 9, 1953 p. 8.

The initials of the three daughters: SCMP, July 18, 1940, p.4.

Those two sources enabled me to make the identifications. I'll give the sources for the father and mother on one of their pages.

Thanks Brian, that fits the other dates for the family.

He's mentioned in four Jurors Lists. The first is 1938, where he's working as an Assistant at the H.K. Meat & Dairy Produce Co. In 1939-1941 he's an Assistant at the Dairy Farm, Ice & Cold Storage Co., Ld.

In all four he's shown living at 12 Seymour Terrace.

Thanks, David. In 1935 he was living at 86, Nathan Road - while walking in that road close to Haiphong Road he was bitten on the left hand by a black chow dog and needed treatment at Kowloon Hospital (presumably rabies prophylaxis). 

SCMP, November 8, 1935, p. 16

Passenger List London to Hong Kong departing 19 December 1924

Thomas  F O'Sullivan 37 civil servant UK address High Street Newmarket County Cork

Mary Frances O' Sullivan 27 [dob abt 1897]

John O'Sullivan 11 [dob abt 1913]

Barbara O'Sullivan 9 [dob abt 1915]

Hazel O'Sullivan 5 born 18 December 1918

John O'Sullivan gave evidence at a post-war treason trial. He is described as 'John O'Sullivan of STI' - I think this must be a firm of brokers that operated during, after and perhaps before the Japanese occupation. Does anyone know what the letters stood for? Anything else about the firm? I'd be grateful for any information as a rather convoluted train of evidence has made me think that Mr. O'Sullivan was my mother's landlord in 1941!