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Journal of Lt. Donald W. Kerr

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Fri, 1944-02-11 to Fri, 1944-03-31

Thanks to Donald's son David for sharing these extracts from his father's journal. David writes:

On February 11, 1944, Lt. Donald W. Kerr of the 32nd Fighter Squadron of the 3rd Fighter Group of the United States Army 14th Air Force, Chinese-American Composite Wing (CACW), was shot down over Hong Kong.  These are extracts of his journal describing his rescue by the people of Hong Kong, the East River Column, and the British Army Aid Group (BAAG)

The CACW was unique among American military units in that Chinese and American pilots flew side-by-side, each bringing unique strengths to the defeat of their common enemy.   Lt. Kerr was grateful for his association with the Chinese people—first in the air as fellow pilots and later on the ground as courageous rescuers.

The journal was copyrighted in 2009.  The extracts are being made available to David Bellis for publication on Gwulo: Old Hong Kong (  Please do not republish without permission.  A Chinese/English publication of the journal is being prepared and a film is being considered.  Contact David Kerr ( for further information.


In November 2014, David Kerr invited me to join him to visit some of the places mentioned in his father's diary, and meet some of the people who helped his father. I've written a summary of our day at:

The journal of Lt. Kerr is published in Chinese. See the report (in Chinese): Has the original English version been published in book format?

Both Chinese and English version is available in the same book