Texaco Oil Depot [1936-1988]

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Position is approximate.

Names of this Place over the years:

  • 1936: Texaco New Depot (Plate 2-10, Mapping Hong Kong)
  • 1979: Oil Depot (Hong kong Streets & Places, Vol 2.)

It is a residential area now. I'm not sure when it was re-developed.

There is still a Texaco Road in the area, as a reminder of this.

Photos that show this Place


The big oil companies obtained direct Private Treaty Grants from the Government to establish their oil depots along isolated seashore areas as a special industry land-use.  These sites were usually accessible by sea away from residential areas.

When more land was needed to develop more residential areas, these oil depots became the focus of the realty developers.  They provide excellent site with sea view.  The oil companies sold the depots, and got their capital to re-locate the depots further away from town as a result of urbanization.   Again they obtained another direct Private Treaty Grants.

Successful examples of the past are:-

Mei Foo (Mobil) oil depot became “Mei Foo Sun Chuen” in Lai Chi Kok in 1978.

Texaco oil depot became “Riviera Gardens” in Kwai Chung in 1988.

Shell oil depot became “Harbour Heights Tower” in North Point in 1988.

Shell oil depot became “Laguna City” in Yau Tong in 1990.

Shell (?) oil depot became “South Horizons” in Aplichu in 1991.

CRC oil depot became “Villa Esplanada” in Tsing Yi in 1998.

Mei Foo oil depot became “Rambler Crest” in Tsing Yi in 2003.


The present day oil depots are relocated to the west and south shore of Tsing Yi Island.   Who knows one day they will become another luxurious residential development?

"Names of Buildings" Volume I issued by the Rating and Valuation Dept (2014) indicated that the occupation date of Mei Foo Sun Chuen is 1978.   Wiki said Mei Foo Sun Chuen was developed in 8 Phases, from 1965 till 1978.

I am in possession of a photo taken in 1968 which shows the completion of Mei Foo Sun Chuen in early phases near the Lai Chi Kok Bay.