25 Sep 1945, Chronology of Events Related to Stanley Civilian Internment Camp

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The China Mail notes that the navy is providing Stanley with electricity from a lorry next to the power station outside the prison. But 'it's the same old story' as during internment - the excessive use of 'hot plates' means that the supply has to be tempoarily cut off t some areas.


There were three groups holding church services during internment: the united Protestants, the Catholics and the small band of Christian scientists. Today it's reported that the Christian Scientists, who'd been continuing their services in Stanley, are now moving them back to town because of the declining numbers at the camp. They can't use their old premises in Macdonnell Road though, as these have been thoroughly looted; instead they'll be meeting on the first floor of St. George's Building in Chater Road


Ten year old Peter Hall and his mother Mabel have been re-united with George Hall, who spent the war in Shamshuipo. Today they leave Stanley and board a mine-sweeper HMS Strahan at 2 p.m. This takes them to Hong Kong harbour where they board HMS Striker. They arrive at Sydney on October 9 and are housed with other former internees in a Red Cross Home, Glen Mervyn, in an eastern suburb.


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