25 Dec 1943, R. E. Jones Wartime diary | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

25 Dec 1943, R. E. Jones Wartime diary

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Sat, 25 Dec 1943


Cleaned bathrm’s etc.

Everyone full of seasonal greetings.

Peanuts, soy bean biscuits am with Steve, An ample well cooked mid-day meal. Had some real coffee. Block cake somewhat soggy. Sid gave me 2 Pkts. cigs. Much individual cooking of all sorts of food, cakes etc. With Steve afternoon for pancakes, sandwiches & tea with milk & sugar in it. Had to ease top button by 5pm.

Firewood arrived.

With Steve pm.

To bed with full tummy for once.

(Swatow & Amoy captured, Naval battle off Formosa. Combined army ready to attack Canton?)

Jap flag fell at Prison Gate at 3.30pm.