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Pillbox 016, opposite Middle Island [1939-????]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Hi there, I walked by Pillbox 016 earlier today. The Google map location/road marker seemed to have moved, again. As I did not have a GPS or a map with me, I was unable to pin point the exact location. However if we use the existing place map as a reference and assuming the North is correct, it would be more like it if the location marker is to be moved around 1 to 1.2 cm NWN(as seen on screen). If you start from Repulse Bay, after you pass the sewage depot, walk for another 50-70 metres and pay attention to your right. If you start from Deep way Bay, then pay attention to your left when the channel began to narrow. This pillbox is raised a bit up the slope. The roof of this pillbox would be around the height of a double decker bus. Some of the shutter pieces had already fallen off. The entrance of the pillbox had been invades by tree roots. I'll send some photos later. Best Regards, T

to your suggestion

Hi there, I will try to bring a map or a GPS next time I go that way to verify. T

[UPDATE: These photos show the Lyon Light Shelter behind the now-demolished pillbox, not the pillbox itself.]

I walked past it earlier this week, and had a chance to take some photos. T is right that it is high up. I've walked this path several times in the past, but hadn't noticed this pillbox. I was expecting something low down, but you have to look up to spot it.

LL 016

The front of the pillbox is the same style as pillbox 004, ie vertically hinged plates at the left and right ends, and horizontally hinged plates opening downwards along the rest of the opening

LL 016

I'm still not sure what this style of opening says about the purpose of the pillbox.  For Pillbox 4 I guessed it was for a searchlight, and that would explain the much larger opening than the small loopholes we've seen at other pillboxes. But this pillbox 16 looks across a very narrow channel to Middle Island - not somehwere I can imagine a need for a searchlight. So I'm still none the wiser about what this style of pillbox was used for.

If you scramble up the slope, you can see the doorway and rusty door. The bolt has rusted away from the frame, so in theory there's nothing holding the door closed. The hinges must be rusted up though, as despite  afew good tugs from my friend, the door wouldn't budge.

LL 016

Hi there,

I walked by the pillbox earlier tonight again and marked it up with my Qstarz GPS logger.   What I got was Lat: 22.237409 N, Long: 114.188850 E.  Not quite exact, I have to admit.  But in comparison to the Google Earth capture above it is close enough. 

We now know that the structure photographed above is a Lyon Light Shelter. Rob Weir writes:

That is [PB16's] LL Shelter alongside the walking path. If you look over the concrete sea wall, just below the LL, there is a concrete block at water's edge, still with the outline of part of the PB wall on it.

used to be open - well it was in '91 when we used to hang out in there of an evening. ;) We also hung out at an abandoned structure that faced middle island from south bay: It wasn't a pillbox - not even sure it was military related...but it sure was fun jumping off the roof into the ocean below!

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I remember someone mentioned Pillbox 016 was at the waterfront just opposite the LL.  When I walked by the path after leaving Repulse Bay earlier today I spotted this:

I had been wondering if this was what's left of the Pillbox.  It was high tide then.  Or was the sea level a bit lower back in the 1940's?

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Hi T, I think that is the old pillbox base that Rob was describing. It seems low, but the base of PB6 at Waterfall Bay is similarly close to sea-level.

Year completed is: Approximate
Condition at last visit: Demolished
Date of last visit: Dec-1995
Ref: ROB-00615

Although the thread is titled as a pillbox, it does appear (as the admin said) as a Lyon Light. 

I went there the other day, it is quite interesting. Includes some rusty metal hinges/shutters/etc.  However, this design does seem quite strange in the fact that the Lyon Light is alone. WITHOUT the usual pillbox accompanyment. Was the previous pillbox demolished? or was this Lyon Light built on its own?