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Japanese Tunnel Stanley Bay [????- ]

Note: Approximate location +/- 100m along the shore

Japanese Tunnel near the shore line. It has a stone platform with a step behind to place a machine gun on.



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How to get there, by boat or on foot?

Hi There,

Based on Google Earth Pro Desktop Version, you should be able to walk\climb along the shore in low tie.  But there is a private slipway in the middle where you may be traspassing upon.  Goind down the slope is not recommended as the ground above is restricted area in used by the Correctional Services.


Finally been there for a brief visit, though no one preferred to venture inside since one must crawl in order to get in. We'd like to know if the tunnel has a bend at what seems to be the end.

Here's a photo taken by my hiking pal.

IMG-20211002-TungTauWanTunnel.jpg, by D.W.