Memories of the trip from Stanley Camp to Shanghai

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The contributor would like to remain anonymous, but thanks to them for sharing their memories of the journey.

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We first assembled on Dec.23, 1942 in front of the Stanley Prison and were checked off and then waited.

The Japanese then told us the ship was delayed and to assemble again the next day.

Back we went to our rooms to find in our case the occupants had to make room for us again.

The following PM ((24th Dec, 1942)) we again assembled and after being checked off we were marched down to the old wharf at the beach and boarded a tug which took us out to an old rusted coastal freighter which we boarded and were told to go down into the forward hold.

Much to our surprise the hold was quite clean and the whole area was covered in Japanese tatami mats. The vessel obviously had been used to ferry Japanese troops prior to our boarding the ship.

All of us…

Four days later ((ie 28th Dec, 1942)) we docked in Shanghai and were told to get off the ship. We all got off and stood in a group on the dock not knowing what to do, no one paid any attention to us and we just stood there in the dark waiting for someone to tell us what to do - we had lost all initiative in Stanley.

Eventually an old charcoal driven bus chartered by the British Residence Association in Shanghai took us to the Cathedral where we were registered and given some…