Juvinex Lodge / Tai Wo Yuen Hospital [c.1925-c.1957]

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The 1948 telephone directory says it is was at "gr. fl., 1 Babington Path".

You can see the site in this photo, http://gwulo.com/node/16055, though I'm not sure if the building in that photo is the same building that would be there in 1948.

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Hi David

The hospital opened in 1941, however the building was likely constructed c1925 replacing Belvoir Lodge. It was known as Juvinex Lodge in the 1930s. See here and here.

Building was demolished c1957 to build the present buildings on site - Ping On Mansion, Sung Ling Mansion, Carol Mansion and Minerva House. A hospital extension (site of Carol Mansion), was built on the tennis court of Edenhall next door, possibly when the building opened as a hospital in 1941. The extension was connected to the original building with a walkway. 

Tai Wo Hospital at Babington Path was opened on 14 March 1941. The hospital which consists of two separate block of buildings was formerly the residence of Hon. Lau Chu-pak. The two buildings which are three storeys high are connected by covered passageways, the first floor of "A" block  running to the ground floor of "B" block, and so on. The hospital comprises administrative offices, a dispensary, an operating theatre, wards for first and second class patients, three general wards and a maternity ward. There are altogether 60 beds.

The Hospital is owned by the Tai Wo Yuen C. Ltd.

Sources: Hong Kong Telegraph dated 15 and 23 March 1941,