Give yourself a pat on the back

Submitted by David on Tue, 11/05/2013 - 22:27

Earlier this evening, Gwulo received an award from AIA Hong Kong, a Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. It was presented at this year's Honors and Awards Reception, and reads:

The American Institute of Architects Hong Kong Chapter in accordance with its Chapter Bylaws confers an AIA Hong Kong Citation to in recognition of distinguished achievement in the Chapter's region for collecting, researching and sharing thousands of historic photographs of our buildings, relics, neighbourhoods and people, now preserved in the interactive website,, thereby raising public awareness and appreciation for the physical and cultural heritage of Hong Kong.

Thank you to AIA Hong Kong for this citation, it is greatly appreciated.

The citation recognises the work of everyone who has contributed photos, facts, questions, and stories to Thank you, and well done!

Best regards, David



Without you, none of us will come together and spend the effort to tease out the stories behind these images.  What is difficult to measure is how much all of us have learnt about old Hong Kong.

Methinks you have earned your licence to feel a little smug!



Thanks Breskvar. Here's the award being presented, with me looking smug in the middle. On the left of the photo is the 2013 AIA Hong Kong President, William Lim, and on the right in the white shoes is Peter Basmajian. Peter has been doing a great job at spreading the word about Gwulo:


Well done David. Great to see you and the site recognised. Your knowledge is givene unstintingly and your ideas are always worth following up.

We all owe you a great deal.


Congratulations David and glad your hard work has been recognised by the AIA.  Every entry of yours is interesting in one way or another.  For a HK belonger from 1940 and parents and grandparents there from long before, I enoy the photos and sometimes (as you know) real gems emerge from the photos and also from the War Diaries (another of your efforts) which have added greatly to my Family Tree information and photo database.  Keep it up and remember to enjoy it yourself too!


Great to see your recognition David. Thanks for giving your contributors an aiming point.

So many pictures/ stories exist with individuals that unless told and recorded will be lost for good as they pass on. History means that they and their stories will live on and give insight into things as they were. Just look at my own jottings with the marksman unit and bomb squad and PTS, bringing back to life some fantastic people and circumstances that never again will happen. Wonderful site and well done. Ray. 

Congratulations David,  Well deserved and well done,  I,  and I am sure everyone else, owes you a debt of gratitude for this fascinating site.

Thank you again,




Congratulations!  Thank you very much for providing a great repository and forum for all of us.  You totally deserve the award.