Green Island Lighthouse [1875- ]

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The buildings of the Green Island Lighthouse Compound were declared as monuments in 2008. The historic buildings include the two lighthouses built in 1875 and 1905 and the European quarters of the lighthouse compound.

The first lighthouse, 12 metres (39 ft) tall and constructed of granite, began operation on 1 July 1875. There are two cross-shaped openings on its wall for ventilation and lighting. The openings resemble gun-posts like those found in medieval European castles.

Construction began on a second lighthouse in 1904, completed in 1905, which was originally intended to house the Cape D’Aguilar light. Built of granite and concrete, sitting beside its predecessor, the newer lighthouse is 17.5 metres (57 ft) tall, painted white, with a steel-caged lantern on top. A concrete spiral staircase with rails gives access to the lantern room. An upper floor was added to the keeper's house in 1923 and the lighthouse was automated in the 1970s.

Green Island Lighthouse, by Joseph Hollick

The two lighthouses, along with Cape D'Aguilar Lighthouse, Waglan Island Lighthouse and Tang Lung Chau Lighthouse (Kap Sing Lighthouse) are the only prewar lighthouses remaining.