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Aerial View-Map - Kai Tak Airport & Walled City

Hello, I am trying to find BOTH an aerial view of Kai Tak Airport (old VHHH / HKG) and its relation to Kowloon Walled city. Does anyone know of such, available either on the internet or for purchase? These items would be used for mine own purposes of historical interest of Kai Tak airport and its immediate environs; not intended for publication.

Since Kai Tak Airport was closed in 1998 (?) and Kowloon Walled City became very populated from the 1960s until its closing and demolition I presume the aerial views and map would be from 1960s through 1998.

To-date, my 12 man-hours of research shows there is a book, "Airport of the Nine Dragons," published in 1997 by an Australian publisher, Chingchic, I am not familiar with, the contents of the book I have no information, including if it has images and maps. I am still figuring if its 60.00 USD used price-tag from Amazon is a good idea. However, my research continues and my results regarding the book on the airport might be inaccurate. I have been to a dozen online sites but have yet to locate the items I am seeking.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you, in advance,

Don Lively


Have you tried the Survey and Mapping Office of the Lands Department at

Vist this page on gwulo and the Comprehensive Feasibility Study for the Revised Scheme of South East Kowloon Development Environmental Impact Assessment Report and the EIA Reports available here

As well as Moddsey's suggestions, the book Mapping Hong Kong has a good selection of maps of Kowloon over the years:

You can see samples of the maps of the area you are interested in at:

Regards, David

Thank you "moddsey" and David for your suggestions. I am not familiar with either source so your suggestions are gold to my research as this is a new project to which I am at the collecting sources stage. I just found a copy of Eather's 9 Dragons for purchase, so with the references you two provided I am on my way to getting what I seek.

I very much appreciate your knowledge and gift for sharing.