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William Josiah WILKINSON [1871-1926]

William Josiah
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Newport, Monmouthsire
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He had 11 children, listed at http://www.rootschat.com/forum/index.php?topic=481594.msg3630364#msg3630364. One of his children was Frederick J WILKINSON, who had a further nine children!

Thanks to Wayne Carew for these notes about William Josiah:

I was 3rd generation Hong Kong prior to immigrating to Canada. My great-grandfather, William Josiah Wilkinson, started the whole Hong Kong thing when he made Hong Kong his home after buying his way out of the Royal Marines in 1894. He was a warder at the Victoria Gaol, and retired from same in 1910 as the Principal Warder . He then became the overseer of the Hong Kong Land Investment & Agency Co. Ltd.


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James Albert Wilkinson gave evdience at a war crimes trial in 1946. He was a warder at Stanley Prison, aged 31 at the time of the trial, so born c. 1915. He left Hong Kong on November 22, 1942 and worked for British intelligence in Macao. 

Could he have been a son of William Josiah Wilkinson who escaped internment because of Portuguese or Spanish heritage?

It looks very likely - the age fits, the same profession, and the rootschat link above lists a James as one of William Josiah's sons.

One in the same I believe. James Albert Kitchener Wilkinson was I believe, the youngest son of William Josiah W.  Born 26 May 1915 and passed away due to bronchial pneumonia on 8 July 1974 in Brisbane, Australia. From what I can gather from a limited amount of documents I've access to, his address from Oct.12/45 to Feb.20/68 was "Officers' Married Qtrs., Prisons Dept. H.K. I can't verify what he did, but from 1941 to 1945 his employment shows only "Subsidised by British Consulate, Macau, Portuguese Colony", and from 45 to 68, was back with H.M. Prisons Department, Hong Kong. Wouldn't be likely that his father William Josiah Wilkinson escaped internment as he passed away from a massive heart attack on Feb.21/26 the day after returning from a business trip to Macau. Address at the time was 25 Praya E.  Have a few pictures of U. Jimmy, but don't see any method of attachment here. =) 

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I have looked into the Macanese Families website and found the following annotation under William Josiah Wilkinson: 


Theodora Maria Pereira b. 18 May 1875, d. 1952


Elizabeth Dora Frances Wilkinson3 b. 4 Oct 1898
William Robert Wilkinson+ b. 1900
Henrietta Wilkinson3 b. 1902
Lily Wilkinson3 b. 1903
Harry Walter Wilkinson3 b. 1904
Frederick James Wilkinson+3 b. 22 Jan 1905, d. c 1992
Charles Wilkinson3 b. 1906
Violet Wilkinson3 b. 1909
Robert Wilkinson3 b. c 1912
Joseph Nelson Wilkinson3 b. 1913, d. 18 Dec 1941
James Albert Kitchner Wilkinson+ b. 26 May 1915

It certainly looks like he had 11 children. In my youth, I knew one Charles Wilkinson who was the Principal or Head Master of St. Patrick's School in Quarry Bay, I remember he has two sons. I believe he is one of the sons of William Josiah Wilkinson's. The age matches. I wonder if anyone can enlighen us as to what happened to Charles Wilkinson and/or his sons.  


I've made a page for Charles at https://gwulo.com/node/58732