Trading Places

Submitted by David on Thu, 04/03/2008 - 09:00

What's your favourite place, and how do you let others know about it?

I've been thinking about how to make it easy to share a place: write a few short notes about it, show where it is on a map, and save it to the web. I've had a first try at making this work, and would like your help to try it and let me know any problems you find.

To show you what I mean, take a look at this place, the 8 Fine Irishmen pub in TST. We meet friends there from time to time, and invariably someone hasn't been before and can't find it. So, the place is for future use as directions, and for new visitors to print out a copy if needed.

Other times I want to add a place I've been asked about on the forum here - eg the Excelsior Hotel for its curry buffet.

Please could you take a minute to add a new place? I am interested to hear how it goes, and what I can do to make it easier. And of course if you find it useful, feel free to add as many places as you want to - directions to your office, beaches you like, whatever!

Many thanks, MrB

PS After you've added a place, check to see where it appears on the map.



Thanks to whoever added the Luk Yu Teahouse place.

First the NB - I found that the description that you'd added was copied from the Frommer's website. We do our best to respect others' copyright, so I've replaced the text with a link to Frommer's instead.

You're the first reader to add a place, so how did it go? Any problems to report, or suggestions for ways to make it easier?

Regards, MrB

Hey sorry that was me! I did, in a fit of utter laziness, add the frommers description, with the mind of going back to add my own in place of it...then I realized I couldn't do that! Apologies!

It was pretty smooth really - the only thing I noticed was that you couldn't give a street name - you had to sort of approximate where the address would be. Would be sweet if you could just throw an address in and have it populate?


Good point about the automatic address => map conversion. Originally I thought to leave out an address field to keep it as simple as possible. But now I see an address is just about essential for any city location, so it may as well be shown as a field. Then if we can use it to automatically set the map location, even better. I see it is technically possible, so I'll add it to the list of things to look into.

with the mind of going back to add my own in place of it...then I realized I couldn't do that!

The trick is to be logged in when you create the place, then you can go back and edit it later.

Hope you don't mind, but I've added a link to your photos of the teahouse - some nice shots there. Feel free to add places to link to any of your other photo sets too.