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Hong Kong Wear 1950s

Hi i am creating a theatre show about HK in the 1950s-1960s. Wondering if anyone knows what was the common clothing at the time? I am dealing mainly with the lower/working classes. thanks!

Some of the street scenes in Fred Evans' photos might help, eg these, these, and these.


Basically for the Chinese lower working class, it would have been the traditional Chinese samfu and cheong sam. For labourers such as coolies and rickshawmen, the attire would be a white vest and shorts and a domed rattan hat.

Try looking here:

The Public Records Office has some online graphical resources




- search keywords like "market" or "fish" or "labourers" or  "water"and then click on the camera icon to see the photos. 


 You can also try the HK Public Library's Multimedia Service



Choose "photo" as your collection to search and then choose a keyword, like "water" and find a few things.