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Oi-Yan CHIU [c.1958- ]

c.1958-08-16 (Year is approximate)
Birthplace (country): 

1961 Hong Kong at Kowloon City Pier - child abandoned is looking for her parents

1961 Kowloon City Pier - child abandoned is looking for her parents


1961 Hong Kong at Kowloon City Pier - child abandoned is looking for her parents, relatives or information


This is the police photo of a little girl who was found in August 1961 at the Kowloon City Pier in Hong Kong. She was dressed in a red and white blouse and was holding a piece of paper in her hand asking some kind person to take care of her. She was sent to St Christopher's Home in Taipo and named Chiu Oi Yan.  She lived in the orphanage from 1961 to 1964.


I am now a 55 years old woman who has a strong urge to find my roots.  However trivial a piece of information may seem to be, I do not want to miss it.  If you remember me, my family, recall my days in the orphanage, or have any clues that may help to identify me, please contact me.  Please share this information with anyone who may be able to assist. US hotline 818-268-4359, Hong Kong hotline 852 9676 8132. LIKE Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/chiuoiyanusa.  Thank you for your help! It is greatly appreciated.




Have you contacted the Hong Kong Red Cross? They have a service to help trace lost relatives:


Also the Fanling Babies Home website may be able to help. They write:

Our mission is to discover and network with individuals connected to Hong Kong orphanages and children homes such as, Fanling Babies Home, Pine Hill Babies Home, Shatin Babies Home, Precious Blood Babies Home in the New Territories, Evangel Children's Home, Ling Yuet Sin Infants Home, St. Paul's Creche, Yuen Long Children's Home, Eric Bruce Hammond M. Orphanage, St. Christopher's Home and Po Leung Kuk.

see: http://www.fanlingbabies.com/index.html

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Hi David,

I remember the photo.  It was in local news some two or three weeks ago.  If my memory did not fail me there was no comment from the Red Cross yet but SKH already mentioned the orphan records that old seemed to be destroyed or lost when St. Christopher's Home was removed from their Taipo site.  

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Hi David,

You are correct.  There was an article in The Standard and 2 articles in Ming Pao.  Today, I launched a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/chiuoiyanusa where all of the articles are posted. 

All of the records from St. Christopher's were destroyed.  The Red Cross was unable to assist.

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Dear David,

This is a great lead!  They are also having  a reunion in CA, which is where I am located. 

I am really enjoying your website as I try to reconstruct my past.  Thank you so much!

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Abandoned Child


HH MRB 7248 -  refers to Hung Hom (Police Station)  Miscellaneous Report Book (Number).

Hung Hom (Police Station) Miscellaneous Report Book (Number).

Thank you for your post.  I contacted Hung Hom Police Station to see if they had any additional information.  They stated that they did not. 

Do you have any other ideas of where to obtain information?  I would appreciate it.

Today, I launched a Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/chiuoiyanusa.  Feel free to LIKE the page.  There are several articles posted there.

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Abandoned Child

Basically the procedure was that an apparently abandoned child would be taken into Police care,examined at the nearest hospital and then taken to St Christopher's Home for safe keeping. The Police would then apply to a Magistrate for a Care and Protection Order under The Protection of Women and Juvenile's Ordinance whereupon the child would be placed under the care of  The Director of Social Welfare,resient at St Chris..There may well be a record of this particular transaction within the Judiciary or the Social Welfare Department,or their successors or indeed at St Chris..,or it's successor.At a time when contraception was not freely available in HK there were very many of these ' abandoned' cases.


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This just in.   Those able to read Chinese might like to take a look.  Would most likely be in tomorrow's Ming Pao as well.

Note, the link would be updated tomorrow and might not work.  Only paid subscribers would be able to search for this piece.

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Dear T, Thank you for the link to the post.  I appreciate it.  Best regards, oi-Yan