Beatrice Rose KEW (née ABLONG) [1894-1965]

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Beatrice Rose
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Beatrice Rose Ablong, the daughter of Arthur John Ablong and Emma Ah Kin, married Arthur James Kew in 1926.

In 1955-58 Mrs. Kew applied for and was granted a sum of money (from a fund set up to compensate civilian internees) in respect of the night blindnesss and other problems she suffered as the result of internment.

A letter in support (written by Dr. Siegfried Szarfstein-Ramler) stated that on her release she was suffering from an 'enlarged beriberi heart' and that her body weight was 79 pounds - it took her many years to return to her normal 130 pounds. She was repatriated to Australia after internment and was able to resume work after a year. Mrs Kew felt that some problems caused by 'malnutrition during the 4 years of internment' were still with her and were perhaps permanent.

Mrs. Kew states that she 'lost one brother in the Pacific War and another brother died through malnutrition in the war period' - however the family tree in Peter Hall's In The Web  gives only one brother who died in the war years - Alfred Ernest Ablong (father), 1886-1941

By the time of the application she had returned to Hong Kong and was living in Robinson Road.

A sister, Louisa Grace Ablong, is mentioned in Harry Ching's diary - she obviously chose to remain uninterned.


Genealogical details: In The Web, Peter Hall, 2012 edition, 184

All else: National Archives of Australia, B 510, 332 (

Note: Those interested in this family might like to note that a number of documents in the NAA have been digitalised and are available online.

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The prizes so kindly given annually by Mr. R.E. Belilios to the pupils in Belilios Public School who excel in the subject of English composition were yesterday presented to the successful candidates by Mr. Edward Irving, Inspector of Schools. The following are the names of the prize winners: -

Mabel Long, Rose Ablong, Mabel Mooney, Yahara Alarakia, (?)ung A. Nui, Cheung Fook To, Li Tsing Lim, and Chan Bik Harm.


A vote of thanks was accorded to Mr. Belilios and Mr. Irving on the motion of Mabel Long, the dux of the school.”  

Source: The Hong Kong Weekly Press and China Overland Trade Report, page 530, 21st June 1909

The wedding took place at St. Andrew's Church on 21 January 1926. A photo of the happy couple can be viewed in the Hong Kong Telegraph dated 23 January.