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Dragon Villa [1955- ]

Date Place completed: 

41 Castle Peak Road.

Address & completion date from "Names of Buildings".

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The house is still there, but it is now completely blocked by trees and I can't catch a glimpse inside.

Dragon Villa


Dragon Villa

Purely speculating:  I do remember when I was a toddler living at Dunrose, Castle Peak (opposite today's Gold Coast Resort Hotel), we were at times taken to a nearby villa to swim in their pool.  The villa belonged to Tsang Yung, a top taxi operator.  He was the owner of a fleet of orange & black Kam Bean Taxi (Gold Edge Taxi?).  He pioneered using taxi meters in the late 1950s, as well as wireless radios in later years.  Their Kam Bean Building is located at Homantin. 

There were two small canons outside this (or possibly another villa) in the district.

I may be wrong, but I have a feeling that Dragon Villa was leased to the Government in the 1970's and was used a a residential quarter for successive senior police officers.

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Dragon Villa on 0:10

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