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Ackber Mohamed OMAR (aka Andy) [1913-1969]

Ackber Mohamed
Alias / nickname: 
c.1913-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
Birthplace (country): 


I think this needs changing as it is the wrong person.

'Omar' is mentioned several times in Henry ('Harry') Ching's wartime diary and the link comes to here. In one episode he was even imprisoned by the Japanese at about the same time as Harry in February 1943.

There were 5 Omar brothers - Usuff Mohamed Omar, Rumjahn ('Ramsey' or 'Ramsem') Mohamed Omar, Kassim Mohamed Omar, Osman Mohamed Omar and Ackber ('Andy') Mohamed Omar. They dominated the field of Lawn Bowls in Hong Kong in the pre and post war period. They are (were!) cousins of mine and I knew Kassim the best; tall, swarthy and gentle white hair, he was like a grandfatherly figure to me, quietly spoken and well respected member of the Muslim community in HK who died at the age of 100. I believe his elder brother Usuff, who totally dominated Lawn Bowls in the pre-war period, died during the Hajj in 1953. 

I believe it's the youngest Omar brother, Ackber ('Andy') Mohamed Omar (1913, Hong Kong - 30th December 1969, Hong Kong). 

Like his older sporty brothers, he played Lawn Bowls and Cricket for the Indian Recreation Club as well as football for St Joseph's. He and his brothers won game after game after game in Lawn Bowls. I would need pages to write out their accomplishments. He made his first appearance in the finals of the open pairs Lawn Bowls competition in HK in July 1937 and won it with his brother Usuff. He was runners up with his brother Usuff in the HK Men National Pairs Lawn Bowls in 1941. Post war he was champion or runners up in Lawn Bowls from the late 1940s, 1950s up to 1964 in National Pairs, Triples or Fours, usually teamed with his talented brothers or his nephew Innayatulla.

Andy had worked as a reporter for the South China Morning Post in the pre-war years with its editor Henry Ching that is why I think 'Omar' refers to Andy rather than Osman. During the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong in February 1943, Andy Mohamed Omar was arrested and imprisoned by the Kempetai on account of his associations with Ching's anti-Japanese sentiments before the war. An excerpt from the South China Morning Post published 6th November 2003 detailed some of the trials and tribulations of the SCMP staff during the war years. 

A.M. Omar was involevd as a Prosecution Witness in the Hong Kong War Crimes Trials in September-October 1947 (eg. Case Number WO235/1093

Ackber ('Andy') Mohamed Omar is buried in the Muslim Cemetery in Happy Valley, Hong Kong (Grave Number 4998, Section 8) 31st December 1969, the day after he died. 


Thanks for the clarifications. I've updated the details.