9 Jan 1943, Harry Ching's wartime diary | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

9 Jan 1943, Harry Ching's wartime diary

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Sat, 9 Jan 1943

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Wife to French Hospital to see Mrs May ((mother of Arthur May)) who operation varicose veins. She has breakfast tea and two slices bread with nothing on it. Tiffin and dinner rice and beans or greens. Plain tea at 4.

Garden poor so far. First tomatoes. Six pounds sweet spuds from one bed. Price $1.30 in market. Rationed salt at 20 sen to be .36 of catty per person per month. No meat in market for days. No fish either.

Population figures December end.

  • Japanese 1,546 families with 4,002 people.
  • Chinese 235,110 families with 972,146 people.
  • Third Nationals 2,247 families with 7,264 people.
  • Estimated small islands population of 29,295. Based on rice cards. Apparently no decrease which surprising.

Early in month loud explosions at night Kowloon side but no flashes to explain. Many rumours. Allegedly bombs Taipo and plane over Central. Paper says rumour of submarine in Lyemun because of explosions and shrapnel landing in Shaukiwan not true. Claims old fortifications being demolished with explosives.

No flour for Eurasians. Portuguese have theirs. They checking our list, referring it to District Offices. Pat Brown says trouble is Eurasians going as Chinese for rice. Crossed off list if discovered.