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Bil Lake writes:

I'm trying to find out why Pak Sha Wan is also called Hebe Haven.

I have found a few sites that allude to the fact that HMS Hebe pulled in here on 20th July 1841 during a typhoon when it was dismasted. I believe the ship was together with the HMS Louisa and part of the group with HMS Sulphur. However, I cannot find anything that states in black and white that “HMS Hebe stayed out the typhoon in Pak Sha Wan”.

Does anyone know of any reliable resource that will back up the typhoon story?

Regards, David

The China Repository as shown here is a good source of information. The Repository indicates the Young Hebe and Louisa both departed from Macao. Due to a typhoon, the Young Hebe returned to Macao and later dismasted on 23 July 1841. No mention is made of Pak Sha Wan.

The Young Hebe took part in the survey of the China coast from Shanghai to Hong Kong between 1842 and 1845.

 If one looks in the HKGRO, lets say for Plover Cove, Starling Cove (Inlet) etc, these names already appear in the 1850s, well before the New Territories were annexed. Plover and Starling were also vessels in the Navy.