Kwun Tong Resettlement Estate / Kwun Tong (Tsui Ping Road) Estate [????- ]

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Notes from Wikipedia:

[...] Kwun Tong Resettlement Estate (Chinese: 觀塘徙置屋邨), commonly known as Kai Liu (Chinese: 雞寮) and built in 1960s. It was the first resettlement estate in Kwun Tong District.[2] The residents were mainly Chaozhou people.[3][4] There was no kitchen or washroom inside the flat. The roof was commonly used as school classrooms and community activities area.[5] In 1973, to avoid the confusion with another estate, Kwun Tong Estate, Kwun Tong Resettlement Estate was renamed as Kwun Tong (Tsui Ping Road) Estate (Chinese: 觀塘(翠屏道)邨).[6]

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