the ridge repulse bay road pill box [1938-1974]

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The pill box on the broad bend below the ridge was passed by all traffic north & south bound (repulse bay road) The dates for construction & demolition are speculative


Thanks Gary. It'll be great to see what it looked like - fingers crossed some photos turn up at some point.

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Notes from Henry Ching:

Unless my memory is misleading me badly (which is always a possibility), this pill box was set right into the bend of Repulse Bay Road south of the Ridge. The road was carried over a bridge at the bend, over a steep stream.The bend was very much sharper than it is to-day – the road is now much straighter.  And as I recall, the pill box was built into the hillside at road level, facing south down Repulse Bay Road.  As the Japs approached from the north, it would seem unlikely that there was much fighting at the pill box which, I think, was designed to prevent an approach up the road from Repulse Bay/Deep Water Bay.

And I have a vague memory that just before the war a lorry carrying some Volunteers and going down-hill failed to make the bend and ended up in the bottom of the stream, with a number of casualties. But I may well be confusing things.

Good morning Henry

Thank you for adding credibility to my account of a pillbox being on the repulse bay road..

It was indeed built into the hill at road level.Our memories are fine Henry we just cant recall where or when.l am going to be in Hong Kong for two weeks in February & will be scouting that area thoroughly so I will keep you updated.If you could.go to the original topic The Ridge Repulse bay road also Memorial arch your help regarding The Hong Kong Chinese Regiment would be greatly appreciated 

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