Mills & Chung Path At South District [????- ]

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Anybody know the naming of Mills & Chung Path? Nothing can be found from web site and books.

I believe it comes from two persons- Mills and Chung. Who are  they?


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That path between Island Road and Deep Water Bay was built upon an electricity conduit owned by Hong Kong Electric (  The path itself is consider a public location, however, as listed by the Site Location Database of the Film Service Office of the Government.

If you go down the stairs on the western side and turn right, you should be able to see the entrance of the conduit portal.  Much of the infrastructure of HK Electric are sub-terrain these days.  That is probably why we seldom have power outage caused by bad weather on the Island in the past few decades.

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Nope.  However the path was post war.  Maybe some architect fellow couls assist to date it by its looks?  All the foot bridge west of Deep Water Bay and the path between Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay look quite new to me.  The definition of new here being only decades old.

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I have enquired 1823 and the following is their answer. However, it still does not tell the origin of the name. If anyone has more knowledge, please share it with us.

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Mills Chung path 苗鍾徑 at Deep Water Bay (Case Ref: 1-422327148)

Regarding your above case, Leisure and Cultural Services Department has provided the reply as follows –

"Thank you for your enquiry to 1823.

Hong Kong Electric Company (HKE) constructed an elevated cable trough along the coast of Deep Water Bay in connection with the laying of an electric cable from Wong Chuk Hang Electricity Substation to Chung Hom Kok Electricity Substation in 1990. During the consultation period of the proposed works, it was suggested that the cable trough should be constructed in such a way that it could be used as seafront walkway and opened to the public. After its construction, the management of the elevated walkway was then allocated to the Urban Services Department, which is now LCSD. The name "Mills & Chung Path" existed when we took up the management of the elevated walkway. We have no record showing how the name was come up with.

Thank you again for your enquiry."

If you have any enquiry, please contact us at 1823.


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We lived in a leave flat at Repulse Bay for 2 months around Christmas 1982. I remember vividly talking my 2 young daughters, aged 2 and 3, for a walk along this coastal path on one crisp sunny morning. So yes there was a path there before 1990. I have not walked it since and have no recollection of the Mills & Chung name. I think another walk is called for.

I have finally found the origin and background of the Mills and Chung Path 苗鍾徑, 
I have since spoken to Patrick Chung, who happens to be an old friend (what a small world!) and who has confirmed the facts.
For details, please see below.
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1. An email 11.5.13 from the Survey and Mapping Office of the Lands Department


Dear P

Thank you for your enquiry of 10 May 2013 below on Mills & Chung Path.  Actually our department has received similar enquiry referred from 1823 Call Centre and the reply is quoted below for your reference. 

Reply of 25 March 2013 to 1823 Call Centre  (1823 CASE: 1-410757391) 

According to our record, the subject area was allocated to LCSD in Oct 1990, the footbridge first appeared on our aerial photo taken in June 1988, and the annotation of "Mills & Chung Path" first appeared on our 1:1000 survey sheet no. 15-NW-5B in the edition of Mar 2002.  On the other hand, we have no record of naming of the footbridge under Part XA Street Names of Public Health and Municipal Services Ordinance (Cap 132).  The footbridge may have been named by LCSD. 

The reply from 1823 Call Centre you quoted should already have made reference to our reply above to a similar enquiry.  With the further information provided by LCSD as you have quoted, I just guess the footbridge may have been named by Hong Kong Electric Company who constructed the cable-trough footbridge. 

Ellen CHENG (Ms)
for Senior Cartographer/HQ
Phone : 2231 3189
Map Information Section
Survey and Mapping Office, Lands Department 
The Government of the  Hong Kong SAR


2. A subsequent confirmation from a HKE person.

"Yes, we built the elevated walkway in Deep Water Bay area for our 132kV cables from Wong Chuk Hang to Chung Hum Kok around mid 1980's. The land grant was negotiated between our Patrick Chung and Lands Department's Tim Mills.
But when we needed to add more cables for the same route in the early 2000 there was no more space. We had to install the cables in the sea.