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Norwegian Farm Camp / Cassino Camp / San Tin Barracks [????- ]

In the 1950s it was known as Norwegian Farm Camp. Does anyone know how it got that name?

On a 1979 map (Hong Kong Streets & Places, Vol 2) it's named Cassino Camp. I don't know why or when the name changed.

Regards, David

Photos that show this place



This appears to now be San Tin Barracks, though the place marker is in slightly the wrong place as it's currently on top of a hill. Aerial view on google shows it's not that dissimilar now to this photo taken in 1952/53

If it helps, according to the the 1950 British Military Installations Closed Areas, the Norwegian (Farm) Camp was situated southwest of Hadden Hill and 400 yards from the main road as shown here .

Thanks for the correction, I've updated the marker & title.

Regards, David