Theodore Leslie BELL [????-1941] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Theodore Leslie BELL [????-1941]

Theodore Leslie
Cause of death: 
Shot by Japanese


Bell's death is reported in Charles Mycock's report:

The boys of St. Louis Industrial School with some of the staff were occupying number 10 camp after leaving Aberdeen and North Point Camp. A little after we arrived one of them arrived to report that Father Percunas, Latvian Mission, had been wounded and that he required assistance to reach the surgery. Choy, Winterstein, Tollan, Bell, Morris and I crossed the road down into the valley and after great difficulty got Percunas onto the path leading to the surgery. I climbed the bank to go  to the other house for female help and on hearing a shout turned around with  hands up. On the path I saw Winterstein helping Percunas followed by Bell, Morris and Tollan. Just off the road a Japanese Officer with men had come around a bend. All turned with hands up but Bell. A shot followed and Bell dropped. Another followed and I dropped on my face unhurt but out of sight. After a little time Winterstein was left with Percunas and Bell and the others were marched up the road. I watched and when out of sight I went to the assistance of Bell. He was shot through the chest and died about 7pm. without regaining conciousness. He leaves a daughter of about 5 years whom I understand was later taken to the Italian Convent. She left with Dr.Choy when the Gendarmes sent our Chinese staff away. Tollan and party returned later.

There's a gravestone for an R S Bell in Happy Valley Cemetery. The date of R S Bell's death is a week later than this Bell. The inscription is in Patricia Lim's notes:

18---/02/02-S.SJT/ R.S. Bell/ Hong Kong/ Volunteer Defence Corps/ 26th December 1941/ In loving remembrance/ your adored family

I'm not sure if they were related in any way.

Regards, David

Tony Banham has identified this man as Theodore Leslie Bell, see his entry for 11 Nov 2012 at

This evening I phoned Rose Gibson in the UK to tell her the fate of her father Theodore Leslie Bell (see March and earlier). I had finally realised two weeks ago that the Mr Bell referred to in Charles Mycock’s report – originally given to me by Lee Hunter around three years ago – must be the Theodore Leslie Bell who went missing during the war and has no known official memorial. After re-checking all the other possibilities, I felt safe in passing Rose the news with a full report on my findings.