Swimming Pool below Sunset Peak [????- ]

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I had labeled this "reservoir", but Don Ady says it was actually a swimming pool:

The "Reservoir" label on the Lantao pictures is really the former swimming pool.  The much smaller dam used as a gravity feed water source for the Mess and a few other shacks was of necessity a lot farther uphill.  The swimming pool was much lower than any shack so water from it would have had to be pumped mechanically uphill. Not done.

I lack any decent shot of the reservoir.  I seldom walked past it, but it was right on the side of the path going to Castle Rock. Could it now be covered as the "water tank" that you photoed? ((David replies: as we walked along the trail towards Castle Rock, the water tank was down below the path, and just above it was an old wall that I think was the reservoir Don mentions. It wasn't big, just enough to catch a small pool of water.))

Swimming pool:  I emailed David Bunton some time ago and asked a few questions.  He was part of the last Lantao Camp Committee that existed when they folded up their tent in 1997.  He said about the pool that it had developed a leak - they tried to fix it themselves, but did not have success in that endeavor.  The pool was left about half full then which would't have been terribly good for swimming I think over most of its area!  When I was there a diving board was still intact in the center of the dam wall.  Also intact was a crude cement walkway running partway back on the the north side (the side toward the camp).

Thanks to Don for the additional information.

Regards, David