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J P FEHILY [????-????]



He was Health Officer of Port and Inspector of Emigrants in the 1930s and I believe until the Japanese occupation.

He must have escaped to China as there are numerous mentions of him in BAAG reports from 18th December 1942 onwards.

He must have returned to Hong Kong soon after the war, as this Google Search shows him listed in the Legco minutes for 1946-1950. in 1946 he's the Acting Chairman of the Urban Council, then from 1947 he's shown as the Chairman of the Urban Council.

Regards, David

I have been unable to find any evidence that he was interned at any time. Given that he was with BAAG Officers in December 1942, I assume he must have escaped fairly soon after the Japanese Occupation. 

Did he receive his OBE for his escape from Hong Kong?

The following was in the 3rd January 1951 HKGCO meeting minutes:-


H.E. THE  GOVERNOR:  —Gentlemen, before we adjourn I would just like to mention one matter and that is that within the course of the next few days one of our members—and a most distinguished member—will be leaving the Colony on retirement.  I refer to Dr. Fehily.  We are also losing within the course of the next few days another distinguished public servant and I refer to Mr. Rowell.

These two men, although in different professions, one a doctor and the other an educationalist, have many things in common.  They are both outstanding in efficiency.  They have given nearly 30 years' service of excellent work to the Colony and the people of Hong Kong.  They have also this characteristic in common which has made their work so successful.  It is the characteristic of being human.  They are not merely efficient, they are not mere bureaucrats, but in their dealings with others, whether Government officers, whether members of this Council, whether members of the public, high or low, rich or poor, they have treated one and all alike as their fellow human beings.

I am sure you would want me, Gentlemen, to thank both Dr. Fehily and Mr. Rowell on your behalf for the work that they have done for us all here and to wish them and their wives many happy years in their retirement.  (Applause).

Dr Fehily and wife were not interned as they were able to claim Irish nationality. He and his wife were both Doctors . He escaped HK via Macau arriving in Chungking in Nov 1942 having refused to work for the Japanese - I assume with his wife. 

Philip Cracknell