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King's Road in 1936

I've been looking through some of the "Alterations in house numbers" lists in the HJGRO. This one from 1936 is for King's Road, and as well as house numbers it also gives some useful information about what was along that section of the road. here are some that caught my eye (click here for the full document):

New NoOld NoLotRemarks
428 IL 1705Ming Yuen Studio
480 IL 2845Tsang Fook Piano Factory
  IL 1721"Budree Villa" at back on hillside
482-562 IL 2168"Western Bungalow" at back on hillside
    "  ""Eastern Bungalow" at back on hillside
564 IL 1393Marble factory
   "Tonrello" at back on hillside
   Government quarries and Tar Macadam Department
  IL 2320"Seven Sisters" at back on hillside
566-694Vacant land  
   Kitchens for Bathing Pavilions
   Police Station at back on hillside (Tsat Tze Mui)
704-710308-310 Shaukiwan RoadIL 3536National Lacquer & Paint Co.

Regards, David


Tsang Fook Piano company is still located along Kings Road enduring business evidently. Surprising given the generally small flats many of us live in.

Can you imagine delivering a piano up the stairs in 1936? An old episode of Laurel and Hardy springs to mind!

Im on the 17th floor and one of the neighbours can be heard tinkling away in the evenings...