10 Aug 1942, Ella Buuck's wartime diary | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

10 Aug 1942, Ella Buuck's wartime diary

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Mon, 10 Aug 1942

Danny ((?)) called us at 6 o’clock and already at that time we saw mountains and we hurried out on deck so as to see everything. Was it ever a glorious sight! And every few minutes new beauty appeared. The sunrise helped to make it perfect.

We anchored at 8 o’clock after breakfast. I again had to line up for the money. I signed over $75.00 U.S. to get 15,000 melreis. Then at 10a.m. we began moving to shore, docked after 11 a.m., then for a grand confusion of trying to get passes to get off. We were all ready, but it took until 11:40 until we had the passes, so we took our lunch on ship first and then went on shore to have a look around. All the interesting things to be bought—one just couldn’t help but want to buy.

We returned at 1:30 as we wanted to join the gang going up the mountain. There were 150 in all. We finally started at 2:15 and had an hour’s street car ride, then the tram trip up. It was beautiful to see. The view cannot be described. The statue is huge and very impressive. The palm trees are immense and all parks or gardens are very nice—lots of hedges and all nicely trimmed. We finally returned to the ship at 6:20, tired and hungry.

After supper we got the children to bed and made ready to go again. The Zimmermanns, Mrs. Ziegler, Lorenz and I took a bus downtown, went walking around and at 9 o’clock, took a taxi to Rev. Hasse’s home. The Kleins joined us. The visit there was very nice. They are fine folks, have a nice church. We had a nice lunch with them and returned again at a late hour by taxi. Betty had stayed with Bobby and kept him from being too lonesome.