Ella Buuck's wartime diary

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The following exerpts of Ella Buuck's diary were kindly provided by Laura Darnell (nee Zeigler).

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Diary / Memoir
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Finally on June 29th we saw the Asama Maru coming over the horizon. What a thrill!! We were on the house tops to see it.

Finally the day came when our ship came in. Three times we were put off: first it was to be the 16th, then the 23rd and again we had to wait.

But here we are on the Asama Maru now, sailing for Saigon. What an experience to be taken from an internment camp onto a repatriation ship! Our big baggage went a day ahead ((on the 28th June)). It was examined in the…

We sailed at 6pm ((they sailed at 6pm on the 30th, ie the previous day)).

I couldn’t help but think of all our Stanley friends whom we left behind. They must have felt sad. Their ration having been cut and we are having wonderful food.

We hear lots of stories from the passengers who were interned at Japan, also the folks from North China ports. We now can’t wait until we meet the Conte Verde ((another ship)), from Shanghai, hoping to see the Zimmermanns,…


Marriage 17 August 1930 Fort Wayne Indiana

From passenger list SS President Cleveland which sailed from San Franciso to Hong Kong in  April 1939

Ella Marie Buuck age 33 missionary born  29 May 1904 Fort Wayne Indiana (She was Ella Marie Rodenbeck at birth)

Lorenz August Buuck age 35 missionary born 16 July 1905  Wren Ohio

Leonard Paul  Buuck  age 6 born  January 1933 Ichang China

Elaine L Buuck  age 1 born 26 July 1937 Kuling China

From reports of death of American Citizens Abroad

Death of Enno William Buuck born 6 September 1934 Ichang China died  from dysentery  30 September 1936 age 2 years 24 days

Robert E Buuck age 1 born 6th September 1940 Hong Kong  travelled back to the USA with parents and siblings on the Gripsholm arriving New York 25 August 1942


Lorenz Paul Buuck  died 15 September 1993 in Fort Wayne Indiana

Ella Marie Buuck born 39 May 1904 died 25 August 2004 in Nebraska