Rev. Buuck's autobiographical notes

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The following exerpts of Rev. Buuck's autobiographical booklet were kindly provided by Laura Darnell (nee Zeigler).

I (David) have split it up into days according to how events match dates in his wife Ella's diary.

Book type
Diary / Memoir
Dates of events covered by this document

Sample pages

June came and we were told that the U.S. and Japanese governments had worked out a plan. Japanese nationals in the U.S. would be exchanged head for head with Americans in the camp.

We were required to present all books, pictures, etc. for censuring. Very few pictures and only books containing no writing or maps received this approval.

Of extreme importance was the opportunity we were given to go to Hong Kong and open our safety deposit boxes. I was allowed to take some valuable…

Our spirits soared when on the 28th of June, 1942, we were told that a Japanese ship, the Asama Maru, would pick us up the next morning.

((Undated, but these notes should refer to 29th June, based on other diaries' entries for these days.))

I recall climbing the ladder leading to the roof and scanning the sea. I am sure my heart skipped a few beats when I saw a tiny speck on the horizon. Yes, it was our ship coming in, destination-freedom. I hurried down to spread the good news.

It did not take long for us to get our baggage into line for inspection. Only two items caused us concern. One, the silverware…