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7 Jul 1943, Chronology of Events Related to Stanley Civilian Internment Camp

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Wed, 7 Jul 1943

The Kempeitai return to Stanley and there are four more arrests: senior Government official J. A. Fraser, policeman Sergeant F. Roberts, and wireless operators Douglas Waterton and James Anderson.

Fraser is accused of organising radio usage from April 1942 onwards, Waterton, alongside the previously arrested Stanley Rees, of being an operator, listening to news broadcasts and eventually preparing to contact the BAAG. Roberts, it is believed, found a radio in a hut in early 1942 and eventually gave it to the operators.

These charges are substantially correct - although Fraser actually started making preparations for getting a radio into Stanley while he was in the Prince's Building with other Government officials in the first months after the surrender. And there are other people involved in the operation, so this is a very nervous time indeed for a courageous group of internees. One of them will face arrest before the day is out.

During the afternoon Waterton is made to dig a hole at the end of No 18 Block in the Indian Quarters. After two to three hours work, he unearths a grey box with a radio inside. One of the guards is sent to bring out Waterton's room-mate, 'New Moon' Moss. The Japanese know he helped bury the set, but Moss tells them he thought he was helping Waterton bury his family silver to safeguard it against theft. Amazingly, the Kempeitai believe him. 


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