Marble Hall Hong Kong - A Pictorial Review

Submitted by David on Mon, 05/21/2012 - 21:15

I received the following note from Liz Chater. Congratulations to Liz on the publication of her book:

I am very pleased to announce the first book in a series of biographical ‘lifestyle accounts’ that highlight the remarkable life of Sir Catchick Paul Chater during the late 19th and early 20th centuries has now been published.

This particular book ‘Marble Hall Hong Kong – A Pictorial Review’ also includes other residences associated with Sir Paul including his town house in Caine Road Hong Kong, Chater’s Bungalow in Kowloon and a feature on Buxey Lodge the home of Sir H.N. Mody who was a business partner and life long friend of Sir Paul in Hong Kong.

Sir Paul’s principal home in Hong Kong was Marble Hall and he worked closely with the architects Leigh & Orange at every stage of the development. This book highlights the wonderful architecture and design features of Marble Hall as well as that of his other homes.  It also offers a glimpse at some of the rare pieces of the Chater Collection placed by Sir Paul around his home.

Other books planned for publication in this biographical series will highlight his Masonic and philanthropic work, his pastimes and hobbies, his businesses and his personal life.

‘Marble Hall Hong Kong – A Pictorial Review’ is offered in two sizes as well as soft cover and hardback.  In addition, it is available as an iBook for anyone with an iPhone, iPad or iTouch and it can be downloaded from iTunes using the links below.

Written and published by me, Liz Chater through a self-publishing print-on-demand online website, click on this link  to go directly to my personal online book store.   Alternatively, use the links below to access the book in the two sizes offered.

Please note that due to the print-on-demand conditions of the website, I am unable to take orders for the book directly. To obtain a copy please use the above links.

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