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2 Jul 1942, Chronology of Events Related to Stanley Civilian Internment Camp

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Thu, 2 Jul 1942

Colonel Lindsay Ride escaped from Shamshuipo on January 9, 1942 and founded the British Army Aid Group, a resistance organisation based in Free China. On July 2, 1942 he sent a message to the former Vice-Chancellor of Hong Kong University, Duncan Sloss:

This is an attempt to set up a regular news service between us. Relatives all over the world are very anxious to hear of you all and I trust this will be the quickest and safest method of getting news in and out. The Priestwood-Thompson party brought the British list but not the American or Dutch; at any rate that list is no doubt out of date and it was not altogether accurate. An up-to-date list...is very badly needed and also a report on the treatment, conditions and casualties in the camp. I am trying to arrange on the quiet the 'escape' or liberation of all children....

I understand you need money badly. Here is $100 from me as a trial; if it gets through you will know that the route is trustworthy, in which case I suggest those who want money from home should send me written authority to get money from their banks at home and I shall do my best to get it in.

Duncan Sloss, widowed in 1940 and in poor health, accepts Ride's proposal of regular communication. This is an act of great courage - there were few more dangerous 'jobs' in Camp than link with the resistance.


Father Meyer turns the cooking for the remaining Americans over to the restaurateur Edward Francis ('Pop') Gingle. Father Meyer's meals were popular but the Americans are soon to appreciate the new man's professional touch.


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