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Mysterious pile of granite blocks & columns near Baguio Villas [????- ]

This morning Paul Harrison took me along to see what he's called the 'Lego building': granite blocks and columns stacked up on a patch of flat ground below lower Baguio Villas.

Does anyone know the story behind them?

Here's the patch of flat land below lower Baguio Villas. There's a fence running across the ground, and beyond the fence you can see the blocks in the distance, over to the left:

Blocks by Baguio

Here's a closer look:

Blocks by Baguio

Blocks by Baguio

Blocks by Baguio

Paul noted that the blocks must have been here a long time, based on the size of the trees on the right.

Outside the fence are more blocks:

Blocks by Baguio

No round columns in this collection, they look like they were originally square pillars:

Blocks by Baguio

One block is appx 30-in / 75-cm across:

Blocks by Baguio

Where they originally part of the Dairy Farm land in this area? They seem too ornate for cows!

Or part of an old building up on Pok Fu Lam Road, or even Central, that was demolished and moved here?

Was the original plan to use them for an ornate, old-fashioned entrance to Baguio Villas?

Those are just wild guesses - other wild guesses welcome!

Regards, David


Photos that show this place


For your reference, Chinese newspaper version only:


Thank you for this information. Here's the English from Google Translate:

"The above-mentioned antiquities seem to have a fixed destination, but there are still some scattered ones. Fung Wing-ki accidentally found dozens of stone pillars scattered among the lawn and grass in the private residence of Baguio Bay, describing it as Pompeii at first glance. Ancient city. He verified that these century-old stone pillars were relics from the demolition of AIA, the predecessor of the New World Tower in Central. He guessed that the architect did not want to discard it and temporarily placed Baguio Bay, which belongs to the New World property, and has remained there ever since. , Failed to contact the responsible architect Mr. Pan Zhaotang for verification."

We've got a Place for the old building at, which shows how the pillars used to look:

Former American Asiatic Underwriters (Asia Life) Building
Former American Asiatic Underwriters (Asia Life) Building, by uwm

This park is the resting place for relics saved from demolitions of downtown Toronto buildings. The pieces are rearranged by artists and architects into imposing displays.  A very good concept which the Hong Kong Government can learn from.


My uncle Bill Allman's office was in this building  c.1960s when he was an exec with American International Underwriters.