25 Dec 1942, Barbara Anslow's diary | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

25 Dec 1942, Barbara Anslow's diary

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Fri, 25 Dec 1942

Slept in with Mum last night – my bed folded up because bookcase removed so fireplace could be used.

Went with Mrs K to 7.15am Mass in Maryknoll Chapel ((tiny, so few people so didn't count as a 'gathering.'))  Mum and Mabel to 8am Mass in grotto.  ((near American Quarters)).

After, egg, bacon, tomatoes and loganberries.

Mrs F Deacon came with Patricia and Jean who gave us 2 packets of Post Toasties from the Braudes  ((Mrs Deacon was Mrs Braude's mother)), and 8 Yen from Mr Addis Martin ((Jean's father)).

Tony came, gave us tin of cheese and onions.

I wore my blue sharkskin dress - a tight fit. ((That dress was among some clothes our loyal amah had brought me when I as in the Tai Koon Hotel)).

To hospital; hung over verandah while Mrs Drown's choir sang outside:  Happy Birthdays for the new baby born this morning - Janet Sallis, for Jimmy Barnes (medical staff), for one of the patients, and for Mrs Drown herself tho her birthday was yest.  Such a bright sunny morning.

Office transformed into a dining hall, desks pushed together made 2 long tables.  Miss Davies (Matron) gave each of us office girls 2 lovely little tablets of soap.  Meal not gigantic - roast meat, cabbag, gravy, 1 huge sweet potato, NO RICE.  Seconds in sweet potatoes.  Christmas pudding - a big share. I sat next to Dr Loan and Dr Pringle; Olive between Dr Uttley and Dr Erooga.

Later I went to Tony's bungalow and had tea with him, Stopani Thomson and Bailey. ((George Stopani Thomson, electrical engineer, killed when Bung. C bombed.))

6.30pm - Our Nativity Play rehearsal at St Stephens to sing in choir.  I was the only alto as Sheila (Haynes) was helping with the angels behind the scenes.

In evening Mum and Olive and Mabel each ate a tin of M & V but I wasn't equal to that.

'Xmas pudding' Mabel made was grand, we had it with custard power (from Tony who came) mixed with wong tong.  I have a stomach ache and deserve it.

Mr. and Mrs Tribble dropped in in evening.