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Aberdeen Battery, Ap Lei Chau [1939- ]

Current condition: 
Date Place completed: 

Year completed is: Accurate

Current status: Ruin
Site visited: Feb-1998, 2014.
Ref: ROB-00101


  • 1939: Constructed as an Emergency Bty. (ADM 116/4356).
  • 1939: Armament: 2 x 4" BL Naval Guns. (WO 106/2379).
  • 1941: December: In action against shipping/naval targets. Captured at surrender 25th December. (WO 172/1687).
  • 1945: No guns remaining, position stripped. (WO 78/750A).
  • 2014: Some scattered ruins remain. (Personal visit).

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Recent MTR construction works had a whole slope of vegetation along Lee Nam Road removed.  One might be able to see the soil/rock beneath.  Don't know how much top soil or rock would be removed though.

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