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Old photos of HK

This site is occasionally read by people who lived in Hong Kong years ago. If that's you, and you have any old photos of HK you are willing to share, we'd be very pleased to give them a home at Batgung. For "old", let's say 1970's or earlier. You can let us know if you want to be acknowledged as the photographer or remain anonymous. You can contact us by replying to this post, sending a private message (click on the "pm" button below), or emailing mrtall[at]batgung.com Thanks & regards, MrB

Check this out, it contains old photos of China/HK: http://www.10chancerylanegallery.com/artists/catalog/Featured%20Artist/J...

my new scanner arrives this week. expect some 50/60s fotos to follow. greg

Excellent, I look forward to seeing those. I bought an Epson 3200 scanner some months ago, based on the reviews of its ability to scan negatives. I had grand schemes to scan in the photos we took before switching to a digital camera. The scanner works very well, but finding the time to scan has proved more difficult ! MrB

Good find, thanks for those. MrB

If you're passing through Hongkong's Chek Lap Kok airport over the holidays, take a look at what a visit to the airport was like fifty years ago.

Many thanks to Greg for sending these to us, and apologies for the long delay in getting them online.


no, not me, just the above link is no longer working :-)

Thanks for letting us know.