St. Joan of Arc School (2nd generation) [1955-c.1987]

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I'm not sure of the dates for completion / demolition. It is shown at this location on a 1958 map (Plate 7-3, Mapping Hong Kong book).

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The St Joan of Arc school building shown on the photograph was the new building, completed in around 1960. I entered St Joan of Arc Kindergarten in around 1957-58 period, in an older building on the same site. That building used to be Wah Yan College, and before that, St. Joseph's College.

During construction of the new school building, classes took place in the building on the right side. I think it was called St. Joseph's House. After the new St Joan of Arc was completed, St. Joseph House undergone a major refurbishment, all the mouldings and decorative motives removed. It then became a hostel. The hostel operated until the late 70's and re-developed into today's Bishop Lei Hotel. I believe the above photo was taken in the 70's.

Completion: 1960 - see aetse's notes above

Demolition: 1987 - as Robinson Heights were completed in 1989

These are estimates, corrections welcome.

Regards, David

St. Joan of Arc in 1978
St. Joan of Arc in 1978, by Jellow

I think this building was completed earlier than 1960 as I was born in 1952 and I went there for kindergarten until Form V. This is a photo of the building which I took in 1978.


Likely 1955 as the establishment date as mentioned in the 1963 Catholic Directory and Year Book here 

Mention is made here of the erection of the "new" school building.

The Catholic Directory is a good source of information for the establishment dates and addresses of religious institutions and schools.