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Eric James KENNARD [c.1921-2007]

Eric James
c.1921-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)
Birthplace (town, state): 
Portsmouth, Hampshire
Birthplace (country): 

Barbara Anslow:

In December 1941 he was a Government clerk.


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It may interest Cheltonians who have relatives or friends in Hong-Kong to hear that mail is arriving at least in Stanley Civilian Internment Camp.

Miss Yvonne Drewe, of 88, Bath-road, tells us that she has received a postcard, containing a 60-word message from her cousin (Mr. Eric Kennard), in the course of which he says that his father, also an internee at the same camp, has received a letter from her father, and that they have received several letters from the mother in Australia.

Mr. C. Drewe has also received a notification from London that an internee from that camp, who has been repatriated, has reported that he was personally acquainted with Mr. Eric Kennard and his wife, and that they were quite well on September 23, 1943.

Source: Gloucestershire Echo, page 3, 11th January 1944

The newspaper clipping mentioned Eric Kennard's father was also interned at Stanley.

The civilian list of internees:

The list has E. J. Kennard aged 21 civil servant and a J.A. Kennard aged 53 Inspector of Works, Public Works Department

Therefore E.J. Kennard born circa 1921 and J.A. Kennard born circa 1889. Birth registration noted for Eric J. Kennard in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England in January-March quarter of 1921 with Mother's maiden name as Dibben

There is a marriage of James A. Kennard and May J. Dibben in the April-June quarter of 1919 in Alverstoke, Hampshire.

England and Wales Government Probate Death Index 

Eric James Kennard: death date 16th October 2007; Probate date: 20th June 2008 at Winchester, Hampshire, England

Marriage in Stanley Internment Camp between Eric James Kennard and Dorothy Margaret Deakin on 1st May 1942. It's in Geof Emmerson's book, 'Hong Kong Internment, 1942-1945: Life in the Japanese Civilian Camp at Stanley' under 'Additional Appendix I'. James Alfred Kennard was a witness ie. his father.

Thus James Alfred Kennard birth registration January-March 1889 in Cuckfield, Sussex, England