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Entrance into hillside above old Victoria Barracks NAAFI [????- ]

If you walk up Justice Drive, you may notice this retaining wall with a door in it. (The wall is roughly opposite the turning on the right that goes to Pacific Place & The Marriott Hotel.) You can see the door in the centre of this photo:

Victoria Barracks Naafi

We've been asked recently if this doorway and passage lead to the Battle Box (the wartime underground HQ).

I don't think so - the Battle Box and its entrances were further west, and were destroyed during the construction of Pacific Place.

When I asked about this doorway previously, I received this reply from Mac, who lived there in the 1970s:

Almost forgot, the cage door by the naaffi was a store room, nothing else. It was great though, at night we could reach in and steal anything in arms reach ( cream soda, crisps e.t.c. ) and have midnight feasts on the roof of dragon house.

Regards, David


The battle box entrance was at the end of a narrow alleyway along side and behind the Union Jack Club on Queens Road 

Hi Andrew,

We've got a page for the Battle Box at http://gwulo.com/battle-box-hong-kong, but we're always interested to hear more about it.

If you can add any memories or photos there, they'll be very welcome.

Regards, David