Possible Quarters

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 02:13

Maybe someone knows if this apartment block were used as army quarters between 1956 and 1959?

Date picture taken


The photo appears to show air-conditioning units fitted in every room.  I seem to recall air-conditioning  was quite a luxury back in the fifties and I doubt whether junior to middle ranking military officers were provided with them. 

I went my whole first tour ( three and half years ) without an aircon. My first one was a big clunky Weatherite  window unit bought on hire-purchase with monthly payments over 2 years . It produced a lot a noise, trebled my electricity bill.....but produced little cold air

Hi Therem

There seems to be a dark plague beneath the mentioned to let sign, showing the name of the estate.  Unfortunately it is not in focus or we may be able to identify it.

It may still be a Government site, but the Goernment is known to put its properties into the market for lease then.