1970 - New Territories traditional village housing

Mon, 04/15/2024 - 08:17

The description on the message side of this postcard purchased new in 1970 reads: New Territories – Farming village in spring.

Date picture taken
1970 (year is approximate)


There's an interesting building at the background that might allow us to identify the location. Can anyone read what it says,or recognise the shape?

A bit too fuzzy for my eyes & level of literacy to make out what's on the outside of the parapet wall - but being flat-roofed/perhaps two-storied/rectangular/obviously newer construction suggests the picture was taken after the introduction of the small house policy in 1972.


Hi There,

Of the three characters, the middle one seemed too blurred to read.  The other two from right to left appeared to be 安X堂.  I wonder if the characters are clear in the original photo or slide.  If they are, maybe re-scan them in a higher resolution may help.