Mon, 12/11/2023 - 00:37

Advert in the Hong Kong Telegraph from 1926-12-04. Early petrol station. It's not clear to me where it exactly was situated as  "Des Voeux Road Central" and "opposite Douglas Steamship Wharf" (which means Connaught Road) are in fact two locations. 

On the website The Story of Shell in China the company refers to the "Planet Motor Company, opened in 1928 by Mr Leung Dai. APC initially provided him with a roadside pump in Douglas Street, Central Hong Kong.

In the early 1940s he moved his business to Blake Pier, where he gradually developed the location into one of the most successful stations in Hong Kong."

Not sure if the dates on the website are correct.

Date picture taken
4 Dec 1926


I did try to have a look for its location but to no avail as the pump does not appear on Connaught Road Central. Perhaps on Douglas Street itself which is tucked away from the main roads or may be next to Blake Pier. That said, this particular pump pre-dates the Shell pump at the the corner of Queen's Road Central and Wardley Street.