evert nellie melcher

Thu, 10/19/2023 - 02:55

This is a copy of a photo gifted to me in 2004 when I first got in touch with my Olson cousins to pursue research into our two related families. It was thought by the Olsons that the woman holding the baby was my grandmother, Hannah Warren, unidentified by either family at the time. Later research proved that the photo was of Nellie Melcher, youngest daughter of John Olson, with her husband Evert (or Everett) and her baby son, always known as Sonny Boy, but may also have been called Everett. As Nellie was still travelling as Miss Olson in 1916, I have dated the photo as 1917. Her husband, Evert Melcher lived and worked in Shanghai, so the badge that he is wearing may be that of a member of the Shanghai Race Club. It is thought that Sonny Boy was born in Hong Kong. Therefore the photo may possibly have been taken at John and Annie Olson's house in Broadwood Road. Later photos of Nellie and Sonny Boy were certainly taken there.

Date picture taken
1917 (year is approximate)