Betsy on the front lawn of Cathay Bungalow, Taipo Kau

Thu, 10/12/2023 - 12:04

Betsy on the front lawn of Cathay Bungalow, Taipo Kau not long after being completely rebuilt.

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Dear Dick

Is the bungalow still around? I know you mention opposite the lookout, but there's been a few changes in the area I think.

We have a few properties in Tai Po Kau marked on the map but some are now redeveloped or perhaps given different names.


Hello PHILK,

“Cathay”, I had heard of it also referred to as Tai Po Kau Bungalow No 5, the other 4 (?) (all Government) bungalows are about a mile or so further along the road on the left hand side just before it starts to drop down towards Tai Po. Sadly, “Cathay” was demolished shortly after the 1997 handover and the land sold off. The buyer built up the plot and erected a fairly large house on the site which is surrounded by a high wall. The house is still directly opposite the entrance to the little tree lined driveway that leads up to the Lookout’s main entrance gate.


Dick Worrall

Thanks Dick, yes, I know the place you are referring to. It's now like a fortress.