gaby family

Sat, 10/07/2023 - 18:35

This photo was taken on a visit to Cyril Gaby's family in New Zealand in 1954 and comes courtesy of his relative, Stuart Preddy. Daphne Cook, Marjorie Cook's daughter is on the left; Sally Gaby is on the right - both standing. Iris and Cyril Gaby are crouching at the front. Daphne and Sally were great-grandchildren of the Swedish proprietor of the National Tavern and National Hotel, John Olson and grandchildren of his daughter, Elizabeth Warnes. Although born in Hong Kong, when her parents' marriage broke up, Daphne was taken to China, where Cyril Gaby worked, and brought up by the Gaby family alongside her cousin, Sally. Interned in Shanghai, Cyril Gaby succeeded in getting his family included in a swap with Japanese POWs. He apparently claimed that he was a Hungarian diplomat. The family settled in Australia. Marjorie Cook visited her daughter after her release from Stanley Camp after the war and invited her to return with her to Hong Kong, but Daphne decided to stay with the Gabys.

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