1841 british army holding ceremony at Possession point

Thu, 06/15/2023 - 05:22

On January 25, 1841, British representative Elliot and the imperial envoy Qishen 琦善 of the Qing Dynasty drew up the "Convention of Chuanbi 穿鼻草约" in private. Although the draft treaty was not officially signed by both parties, the Royal British Navy officer Belcher, commander of a British warship, led an army to land in Hong Kong. The surveyors of the British army had already determined that there was a protruding highland in the west of Hong Kong Island, which was flat and facing the sea, and could be used as a military camp. So they ordered engineers to open a road from the seaside to this highland, which is today's Possession Street. This highland is today's Da Da Di 大笪地 located in the West Hollywood Road Park area of Possession Street.

On January 26, J. J. G. Bremer, commander of the British Far East Fleet, came to Hong Kong on HMS Calliope, held a ceremony to raise the British flag, declared sovereignty, and fired a cannon towards the sea, indicating that Hong Kong was officially occupied. The place they landed was named "Possession Point".

  Qing Dynasty later signed the Treaty of Nanking to cede permanently control of Hong Kong Island.

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